Metering Question on Canon 600D

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Re: Metering Question on Canon 600D

I've owned cameras with "evaluative metering" ever since Nikon introduced the first camera in the mid 1980s with the feature: the Nikon FA with Matrix Metering. And aside from playing around with it I never use it...

Many photographers don't know that evaluative metering was introduced to entice amateurs to switch from point-and-shoot to 35mm film cameras. Learning good metering and exposure techniques takes some time and experience; evaluative metering promises to do it for you with excellent results.

IMO multi-segmented metering adds needless complexity if you want to learn how to have control over how the final image looks. And evaluative metering doesn't produce optimal results in many situations; if it did center-weighted and spot metering would have vanished from cameras years ago...

Learn how to use center-weighted and spot metering if you want to consistently get the best results. Save evaluative metering for those times when you want to use the DSLR as a glorified point-and-shoot and you are willing to accept sub-optimal results when the subject doesn't lend itself to multi-segmented metering.

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