A Feature Not To Be Overlooked....XZ 10

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Re: it still really bugs me

joe6pack wrote:

But how do you tell the difference? On one side, you have the OV2 produced image with NR off. On the other side, you will need another RAW image viewer. RAW image still needs to be converted into color and different software will use different algorithm. Have you tried turning off False Color Reduction on both and overlay the pictures to compare?

I don't exactly  know what you mean with "overlaying", but here's an example:

Same ORF file, rendered by different converters: Picasa3 on the left, OlyViewer2 on the right

Yes, there is a difference in color tones, but you can clearly see the parts on the right that were smoothed by a noise filter (although it was "off"). Increasing the filter increases these soft patches.

The funny thing is that OV2 even shows the full details right after opening the ORF, but applies the filter a second later.


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