Archiving Digital Pictures par date taken!

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Re: Archiving Digital Pictures par date taken!

monzavifar wrote:

Good afternoon,

I need some help in respect to archiving my thousands of digital pictures based on date. I have about 2 + TB of digital pictures that are on PC and also on Mac computers. I already storage them on an external hard drive as backup but they are not archived as per date. I was wondering if you guys know a way for me to retrieve these pictures and re-archive them back but this time with a rank for dates. Unfortunately none of my computers have such high capacity memory on hard drive, so I’m forced to use the external one for archiving.

Thank you very much for your advice.


Easiest way I know would be to use Lightroom. Import and COPY your images and tell LR to put them into folders by date. LR will creat the folder hierarchy for you and do all the work. It will even fnd the image files on your various hard drives for you - just tell it to import from the disks' root directory. Purge your web browser caches first though as it will pick up EVERY image file including logos etc.

If you do not have LR and do not want it long term, just download the trial version which is good for 30 days. The folder hierarchy can still be used regardless of whether you use Lightroom for editing.

I would be confident that other programs would have this functionality too.

Good luck!
Alistair Owens

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