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Klipsen wrote:

Not good ... not good.

Am I right in thinking they include flash feet for both ISO and iISO shoes? In that case you could remove that foot when not in use, but then you'd still need a place to keep it.

They shot themselves in the foot when creating their new hotshoe.

This is an understatement! Add the awful TTL wireless lag, and you have to wonder what in the world Sony is thinking with regard to flash?  Hopefully, they will put some leadership in place whose first action is to fire the flash system development people. A ~0.5sec lag on a $3,000 camera using their own wireless system. And if you want to use the Sony wireless system with your existing Sony flashes, you get to mount them on a 1" cheap plastic standoff.  It's enough to make you move to Nikon--sigh.

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