Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Re: Terada: New 4/3's SONY body

Hi All

citizenlouie wrote:

Notice in the linked page, Sony is the largest shareholder, but with only 11.46% voting right. You need at least 50.1% to have controlling right.

Not sure. When Ford held 36% of Mazda, they, under Japan law, had complete control. This 11.46% maybe more significant than North Americans and Western Europeans realise. Lets hope someone from Japan can clarify this. A full take over could be nearer than we think!

I think Olympus sold them a lot of company stakes with no voting right (i.e., preferred stocks, bonds and other non-common share financial instruments) to retain company control (and obviously Sony agrees to it). That means this relationship is strictly investment only, not to affect boardroom decisions.

alatchin wrote:

No, people ready too much into this. From an investment standpoint it is was investment from Sony, where one of the main arms of profit is their investing arm.

The two companies are separate, this doesnt mean Olympus engineers can pop into sonys part bins and root around for parts... After the investment it was announced they would collaborate on some elements in imaging, if they were to take that collaboration further it would mean large restructuring. And since Nex is the less developed less supported line, I would honestly see it go before m43rds.

My worry is possible camera range rationalisation. What will go? I do not have the answers but posted the link above to find people that do.



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