Ken Rockwell's review of the D7100

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The truth about Ken, well said Re: You guys are too much

eddyshoots wrote:

Every time Ken writes anything it gets torn to shreds by the moron-patrol here.

"He's crazy and believes in aliens".........he wrote a tongue in cheek article on aliens and...uh hum...anal probes ( )

"He's dangerous because he shoots JPEG"............his opinion, I disagree with him here but I'm not about to start a campaign against him.

"He's lying"..............that one's right from this thread about his suggestion that Sigma macro lenses don't work with the D7100. He copied and pasted his D7000 section about AF compatibility. He should have edited more carefully, granted, but the problems about third party compatibility with newer cameras is well documented. It is a valid warning.

"Site is worthless".............hmmmmm, hundreds of pages of product reviews, tips and guides. You might not agree with all of his settings but worthless? He's a valuable resource for lens compatibility guides, FREE guides for new camera users.

"He reviews without handling the gear"................Ken gets accused of this a lot. He's always pretty clear when he's reviewing and when he's previewing. From the D7100 PREview; "Performance: No one knows; there are no shipping production versions yet. I presume it will be as good as the D7000. The extra resolution means nothing in actual shooting; I'm mostly interesting in its color rendition and the new OLED finder data display." "Recommendations: The D7100 is so new that no one's seen a production model yet. Seeing how the D7000 is the best DX camera Nikon's ever made (I own a D7000 myself and prefer its color rendition to all the new FX Nikons!), I'll presume that the D7100 is more of the same great thing. My D7100 is already on order"

"He's trolling for traffic".............Duh! of course he is. Google is trolling for traffic. Facebook is trolling for traffic. DPReview is trolling for traffic. Because he uses affiliate links to generate revenue he's somehow less trustworthy than any of the above sites? I may not agree with a lot of Ken's opinions but he appears to be a very straight shooter.

This guy seems to generate so much irrational hate. I've never understood it. I sometimes feel like I'm wearing an Obama T-shirt at the Republican National Convention. I've always thought that his site has a fair bit of very useful factual information about cameras, lenses and photography. When Ken crosses into opinion then I agree less often ....but it's opinion! As for the affiliate links.....a reality on the modern internet. Give the guy a break.

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you've pretty much said most of what I would have to say about Ken.

The other thing about his reviews are that the layout is easy to read and he mentions practical things that other reviewers don't mention e.g. he will advise readers if the lens collar of a lens can be obtained cheaper or works with multiple lenses, and mentions things like whether or not the lens filter thread is plastic or metal, and will give you the settings to plug into Photoshop to correct lens distortion etc etc. And I find is reviews of Leica lenses better than most out there.

He has VERY strong opinions about things and doesn't get into the pretentiousness of a debate of all the competing views as if lecturing to a group of philosophy  students; he just expresses his view stridently which I guess gets some people's backs up.

And I also suspect that there is a certain amount of jealousy amongst many of his critics because he is reasonably well off financially and has made a good chunk of money from photography (and for the benefit of the pedants, I am talking of photography in it's broadest sense) whilst most of us haven't and aren't making that much money from photography.



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