Any TZ series match FZ150 IQ ?

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Re: Any TZ series match FZ150 IQ ?

Whilst I have never had an FZ150 I have had a TZ3, 5,8 & currently a TZ30. I've also had an FZ48 which is reputedly identical IQ to an FZ150 shooting jpeg at sub 400 iso.

I was initially very dissapointed with the IQ of my TZ30 until I read  a thread by Erik Ohlson about shooting with a TZ30 using the widest possible aperture. The transformation in IQ is quite staggering and I'm very impressed with it now - I shoot Av all the time with the widest possible aperture. Used in that mode the IQ is just as good as my FZ48 and below iso 800 it's identical to my Canon S100 when shot in jpeg. The Canons larger sensor only improves the IQ at higher iso's in low light.

Unless you prefer the bridge camera format I see little advantage and  and a lot of size disadvantage in an FZ instead of a TZ.

Here's a link to a series of test shots comparing the TZ30 with the Canon S100. Despite the Canon's larger sensor, you tell me which is best!

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