EOS 6D optical viewfinder vs. Rebel T2i

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Re: EOS 6D optical viewfinder vs. Rebel T2i

Crono_DL wrote:

The 6D viewfinder is not smaller than the one on the T2i. The magnification might be less, but the size of the sensor is much bigger, so that's the difference.

That's right. The industry took the rather unhelpful decision to use the same 50 mm focal length as the standard for measuring viewfinder magnification, regardless of sensor size. I am quite sure this was to make the specification of the crop-sensor viewfinder appear better than it actually is. Anyhow, this means that in effect you need to apply a crop factor to the T2i magnification and the size of the frame seen in the viewfinder is actually 1.6x smaller than the numbers quoted by the OP would imply.

The 6D viewfinder image is in fact 0.71/0.87 x 1.6 = approx. 1.3x larger than the T2i's.

Also the 6D's viewfinder is brighter, partly because of the lower magnification and partly because it's a pentaprism (vs pentamirror in the T2i).

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