Depth of field question: M4/3 compared with FF

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I want more DOF for landscapes. Plus, why so many pixels?

lighthunter80 wrote:

If DOF is of concern for you get fast primes. A 2.8 zoom is good enough for low light but if you want to play with the DOF it's not enough imo.

My concern is getting more rather than less DOF, for landscapes.

Apart from finding it soft (especially in corners), one of my problems with the 12-50 kit lens is its slowness, pushing me into high ISOs, especially at the long end. Not that I use the long end much.

So a constant f2.8 could help here, as long as there's still sufficient DOF. And the 12-35 is said to be sharp even wide open. Primitive experiments (with a D700 and 50mm f1.8) suggest that when the 12-50 at f3.5 needs ISO 1600, the 12-35 at f2.8 should need around ISO 1000.

I'm pretty sure my first copy of the 12-50 was better than the one I have now, but it had to be replaced with the faulty OMD it came with. Not that I can check this now. But I'm finding much softer images with the OMD plus 12-50 than I used to get with my E3 plus 12-60. I'm hoping the Panny 12-35 will significantly close the gap.

On another matter, I don't know why M4/3 sensors are increasing the pixel count, other than for marketing reasons. In my view 12 mp are plenty for the size most of us print at; my 12 mp D700 (plus decent lenses) gives more detail and more subtlety than either the 16 mp OMD (with the kit lens) or the 16 mp D5100 (with the same decent lenses).

The pixels on the latest M4/3 are nearly twice as densely packed as those on the D800, giving lenses lots to do so as not to be out-resolved by the sensor. And while I understand the latest M4/3 sensor is better at high ISOs than earlier ones, I'd guess it could be made better still with 12 rather than 16 mp.

Just my rambling thoughts.

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