D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: the d400 doesn't compete with the d600

Kerry Pierce wrote:

It doesn't matter what the d400 price may be, because the fact is that the d600 and d400 will not compete.

Of course they compete.

They are completely different cameras that are aimed at completely different users.

They would have their own feature sets, but for many, probably most prospective purchasers looking to spend $1500-$2000 on a DSLR, it would be an 'either/or' decision. There are few people who circumscribe their needs so tightly that they would not be left pondering the pros and cons. So, most people looking to buy a general purpose camera are left weighing the pros and cons:

DOF control - pro D600, FF gives shallower DOF when you need it.

Low light - pro D600, given that the efficiency of sensors seems independent of size, the 2.25 times bigger area of the D600 will always win.

Noise and DR - pro D600 again, just that bigger sensor.

Lens choice - more mixed, certainly pro D600 at the short end. More reach for less size/money with the 'D400'. Legacy lens use, definitely D600. Probably overall, pro D600, would be better if Nikon had ever released a full range of DX lenses.

Speed - pro 'D400', so long as you invested in the grip. 2.5 extra FPS, and presumably the bigger buffer.

Body - pro 'D400', but more on intangibles that actuals. Nikon says the sealing is the same, and the D600's structure seems fine, just so long as it's made by Canon.

AF - pro 'D400', but again, no hard facts on just how much better the 51 point system is than the 39. Both are capable.

Street cred - evens. Most people don't care what type of camera you have, and for them a D600 looks just as impressive as a 'D400'. The photographers who are in the know are just as likely to think you're a total jerk for insisting that your camera is  'pro' and any other is beneath you as they are to be impressed.

So, in the end, it's a subtle choice. I can see most people with $1500-2000 burning a hole in their pocket has a choice to make. Note the people in Canonland buying 6D's rather than 7D's. The question is whether the 'ITGFABAD400' crowd is big enough to support a profitable product development for Nikon. I think not.

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