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Re: a99 vs. mklll

nikoir wrote:

I have been using a700 for 5 years. Had invested in few lenses like sal70200g, sigma 2470 f2.8, old minolta 50mm f1.7 and a flash 42am. I think this is a time to replace the camera, I am looking at a99 or Canon MKlll. My biggest complain with a700 is the noise and general image quality in low lighting like indoors. I live in Alaska and we don't much sunny bright days, so before I invest in cz lenses any suggestions if it is a time to switch over to Canon?

Well I went through a similar exercise including the possibility of the Nikon 800. I scoured the web and compared photos and read reviews.

Ultimately, I decided to get the a99. In general I prefer the colors of the Sony which was a basically a tie with the Nikon and preferred over the Canon. WRT to noise, I preferred the slighly weaker AA filter of the Sony giving somewhat better detail at the expense of slightly greater noise. I also liked the DR of the a99. I also have a ton of Sony lenses.

What I found was that if I went the Nikon or Canon route, I would have gone for the D4 or the 1ds. Bot of these were in the $6-7k range. It seemed to me that going with the a99 was about 90-95% of those cameras (my guesstimate).

I only have had the a99 for a day and I love the ergonometrics, the flexibility and overall performance. I haven't really taken it for a serious test drive yet as I have been spendng more time getting familar with it. This is quite a camera and it will take some time to really extract the best from it. BTW I come from the a900/A700 combo.

Hope this helps


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