D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: the d400 doesn't compete with the d600

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Michel F wrote:

I can't see a D400 in Nikon's future at this point. In regards of the D7100's pricing, a D400 would put it too close to the D600's price and possibly impact its sales. I hope I'm wrong and I truly wish Nikon would say if it's in the works or not to end the debate and endless rumors once and for all.

Let's dump this notion about the d600 vs d400 pricing and competition. I rather doubt that the d400 list will be very far from the d300s MSRP, but the price of the d400 could actually be higher than that of the d600, depending on the feature list.

It doesn't matter what the d400 price may be, because the fact is that the d600 and d400 will not compete. They are completely different cameras that are aimed at completely different users. The d600 is a "cheap" FX camera with features that are very similar to the d7100. The d400 will be a DX camera, high performance, high speed, with many higher level features than are found on either the d7100 or the d600.

The d7100 is significantly cheaper than the d600, yet it has the TOL Pro AF, while the d600 has mid-level consumer AF. Why? Because again, they are aimed at completely different users.

The people that want a cheap FX camera are not going to care how much the d400 costs or what features it has. The same applies to the people wanting a d400. The d600 is already available. If we wanted the capabilities of the d600, we'd buy it and wouldn't be waiting for the d400.

Last point in fact. I already own a d800. I will buy a d400 when it arrives, because it will have very different capabilities than the d800 I already own. There are a lot of d800 users like me.

You'd have to be a very naive, unsophisticated user to be confused by these cameras if you looked at them side by side and actually compared the features. Neither camera will have any impact on the sales of the other, except perhaps to the naive users.


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You seem to have a lot of cash flow. Not everybody does.

I don't agree that the D600 and potential D400 are aimed at completely different users. A lot of Nikon users are on the fence right now. Should  they go full frame or keep/upgrade their DX equipment. Not everybody can afford both. Your assessment of what "cheap" is or means baffles me.

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