a99 vs. mklll

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Re: a99 vs. mklll

I have an A99 and I borrowed my friends 5D mark III for a week.Both are very nice cameras,but I prefer my A99.

The 5d definitely has a magenta color cast typical of Canon.Not a big deal if you shoot raw,but I find I do much less tweaking with Sony cameras.Both feel good in the hand,but I prefer the ergonomics of the Sony.I find the A99 metering more consistent also.

Canon's jpeg engine handles noise a lot better,but at the expense of detail.Shooting raw,the Canon has a little advantage,but not much.About 1/3rd a stop,maybe a 1/2 stop as you go above iso 6400.

The A99 resolves better detail than the 5d.Granted I was comparing my 2470z vs. the 24-105f4 on the Canon.But even in the center and stopped down to f8 the zeiss clearly resolves more detail.I am sure if you had the new Canon 2470F2.8 II it would be much closer,perhaps the Canon would even come out on top.That's where cost comes in to play.

All the equivalent Canon lenses to my Sony lenses cost about $300 to $400 more each.The only equivalent lenses that cost less are the Canon 135f2 and the 100-400L.The body itself is more expensive as well.

Both are fine cameras.I hope some of this is of use to you.Good luck with your decision

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