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John Sheehy wrote:

Terribilino wrote:

Is it possible to shoot an HDR image of a moving subject in RAW with the 5D III? Are the three RAW images then identical except for the exposure? Or is HDR a technique used only for static subjects?

From what I have read, it seems like the CMOS sensor exposure could be read multiple times (that's how the Nikon D3x gets its 14-bit RAWs with a 12-bit sensor), with different analog gains, simulating DR for a single exposure as high as a Sony sensor with a single readout. Canon does not seem to do anything like this, though.

To get an HDR from 3 slightly different images, would require lots of CPU power, and lots of code, as it would have to do an elastic registration, and I'm sure that such registrations are far from perfect when one object moves in relationship to its background.

Of course you are right when it comes to a moving object.  It would take lots of CPU power - and other stuff - to do an HDR of a moving object.   However, apparently the 6D can process 3 slightly different images when shooting still.  The 6D has an option to auto align the 3 images if you are shooting hand held.

It is worrisome to have to set the 6D to JPEG when shooting HDR but an HDR shot would be a fairly deliberate decision anyway.

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