D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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*****Received D800 back yesterday...

D800 is very different to when it went. I have not had a confirmation if they have actually adjusted anything. The email said that several nikon employees tested it through the full "procedure" and found it was within "nikon spec". The email I have quoted from:

"I have spoken to the workshop manager and he has advised me that after careful examination your D800 is to Nikon standard and does not need any adjusting."

So, it would seem, they are at least claiming they did nothing to it. Kind of doesn't add up though, as since receiving it back and doing real world tests firstly (faces, portraits varying distances) it focuses MUCH better than it did 3 weeks ago. It still gets the odd miss in difficult situations but not the consistant front focus. AF fine tune is off. Doing an AF fine tune, I'm finding that each lens needs about +4 or there abouts each (if that - it's very very good with af fine tune off).

I don't get Nikon...but I am glad I can finally move on. Camera shouldn't hinder you...and now I feel I am free from this problem. I will wait to see what they say in the email back to me, but they have clearly stated in an email to me that it didn't need or get an adjustment.

Here is what the invoice read:

Repair / adjust autofocus mechanism / circuit. Check and adjust AF accuracy.

Check, clean and test equipment.

Now, this could be just what they write on all invoices when they check AF - could be a standard clause when they look into a customer's af issue. Or it could be they did actually adjust the circuit.

I'll wait and see and test further tomorrow. I have been using the 50mm f/1.4G and 85mm f/1.4D so far and these previously needed +20 on the lens specific table. Now I feel they work best at about 0 to +4. It's a close call and depends on the situation, so I may decide to leave it. It's pretty damn good so far...I still feel the camera needs a bit more contrast than the D700 and D3s did to pull to accurate focus, especially wide open fast primes (and no it's not just due to resolution). But, I am willing to sacrifice a couple more misses for the brilliant sensor and package in general.

What I am finding is that AF-C, especially in low contrast situations gets a better result now than AF-S which is new to me. So far in good light AF-S manages without having to switch to AF-C. I will test more over the next few days, but these are my initial thoughts. Hopefully it might help others wanting to get their's adjusted. Please chime in and discuss.

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