Help with Epson R3000 - ink marks on prints

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Re: R3000 Maintenance Tank?

I've viewed this thread with some interest since I just purchased an R3000.  During the first few turn-ons I noticed that it would cycle through the start-up ink charging multiple times before it was ready to print, using an alarming amount of ink.

Based on this thread, I inspected the sponges and found them saturated with ink in an area approximately the same as the photo shown in the earlier post.   Although the prints I made were perfect, I decided to call my dealer, who suggested I bring the printer back to the store for inspection.  They confirmed that this was not usual, and offered to exchange the printer for a new one.  I was definitely grateful I bought locally.

I hope these are isolated issues, since the print quality is truly amazing, and the built-in WiFi is a great feature.

Best of Luck

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