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Re: Looking for Camera Belt Clip Accessory

sun2me wrote:

Hi Tim

I've had it for a while... and I really like it.

It's a very solid build and works as promised. I've used it on my belt and on my backpack and it has been a great supplement to the shoulder strap.

The only complain I have is using it with a heavy lens on my belt. It still works, but after a while I get pretty sore from the banging of the lens against my hip. I've been adviced to use a more sturdy belt, but haven't tried it yet

Here's a link to the homepage:

and to facebook:

TimPark wrote:


I was looking for some sort of a belt clip to carry my DSLR camera on my hip while walking during trips etc.I thought there should be something out there that resembles a cell phone holster.So, I searched and found one.Please see link below: http://www.smifu.com/capture.html , the pricing isn't bad.The product looks like very sturdy piece of equipment.Has anyone from this forum used this before?

I had the same problem initially with the pd leash, then I realized I could use the leash with one of their arca plates with capture (http://peakdesignltd.com/capture/) on a belt or vest strap.

Basically, I used the leash with anchors on camera where the neck straps usually attach to, and an arca plate on the bottom, with a capture on my vest strap. I set the leash to be long enough so that when I put my D800 w/ lens + flash into the capture on strap, it would be very light weight on my neck, with most of the weight distributing to the capture system.

Works beautifully. But ideally for DSLRs that you aren't using grip with (or have the dual-grip like the D3/D3X/D3S/D4)--because then it'll be off-balance and you'll be scared constantly about your camera falling!

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