Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

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Re: Aperture doesn't have distortion correction for lenses?

Mark B UK wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

Mark B UK wrote:

Well, why didn't you consider the possibility that LR uses lens corrections based on lens profiles created by Adobe and that Adobe might have decided to fully correct the distortion whereas Olympus has decided to leave a bit of distortion in the image?

I did consider that possibility; indeed it is covered in my post.

Really? Didn't you say:

"I therefore conclude that if Apple claims m43 RAW files automatically have lens corrections applied on import, either the claim is untrue or the functionality is very poorly implemented."

When in fact it is implemented in the same way it is implemented in the camera jpegs. How could you consider it untrue if it is very, very obvious that it does correct distortion in exactly the same way as the camera jpegs?

We all seem to be agreeing that Aperture aims to correct only one of the three forms of lens imperfectin automatically, namely field curvature.

I don't think your suggesting that "the claim is untrue" could be considered as agreeing that it does correct distortion.

My assertion is that it would seem to do so less successfully than Lightroom.

No, your assertion was that does so very poorly. But how can it do so very poorly if it does it in exactly the way the lens and camera manufacturers decided it should be done? Why do you castigate Aperture but not the camera jpegs? In fact why does nobody criticise the camera jpegs in that regard?

You are telling me that Aperture automatically corrects lens aberrations. I've seen no prima facie claims to that effect from Apple, but you may be right in your claim. However you've admitted that Aperture does not attempt to correct vignetting - something done in-camera and by Lightroom. And I've expressed the view to you that I see evidence of significant barrel distortion in my RAW files in Aperture but not in Lightroom. I don't shoot JPEGs so can't compare the results with those the camera would generate. Therefore I conclude that Apple's claims are at best overstated (we seem to be agreed about the lack of vignetting correction, and the distortion correction is imperfect) or at worse unjustified.

Can we confirm that you are using Version 3 of Aperture?

You say you don't shoot JPEG.....that doesn't mean you can't!!... Take 5 minutes and Take a pic of something in JPEG and RAW with the 12mm... look at the JPEG... which is a representation of what the Olympus decided was 'correct'....are you seeing significant barrel distortion?... I am guessing not.

Now open the RAW in Aperture 3.0..... it should look the same as the JPEG.

If you want to see the uncorrected image, you can open the RAW in Olympus Viewer software and switch off Lens correction and see how much distortion there actually is.


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