70-200 f2.8 vr vs. 300 f4

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Re: 70-200 f2.8 vr vs. 300 f4

Guidenet wrote:

Humanoid wrote:

Show us some examples of your own images with this super duper high quality FX magic. The only thing you may be seeing is the increased rez of the latest offerings in the FX line up. That may be changing very soon. I've owned the D3 and still own the D700 and do not care for the D800 for wildlife.

Ray, I can't tell if you're trying to be snarky or really interested. It looks snarky. I shoot all day five days a week for my living with FX bodies and glass. I own a studio as well. I don't set myself up as having the most valid viewpoint and what I say is my personal opinion. If you disagree, just say so politely or snarky as your personality permits.

I'm not sure why you'd not like the D800 for wildlife. I certainly do. It could use more framerates, but that just requires technique to overcome as does any limitation. Have you owned or used the D800 enough to have formed this viewpoint?

No, it's not the high rez of FX being the reason I prefer the output to DX. I've used and still own the 12mp D700 and D3S for a while. I think they produce a better overall IQ than a smaller sensor can produce, mostly across the board. If you wish to look at examples, my public gallery here at DPR is available. None of my professional work is there because of contract limitatios. I've worked as a full time corporate photographer for an international Fortune 500 company for the past 10 years. Any images made on their time can't be displayed publically, but I have well over 600 in the DPR gallery alone and others on other websites.

Good or bad, many are birds of Florida, my home. I'm a 61 year old grandfather who has had a darkroom and been into photography since I was 8 years old with my father. I've been shooting Nikon since 1968 and still own and use glass from that era. I got into birding and the environment of Florida around 20 years ago and have been both photographing wetlands and wildlife along with other somewhat activist activities with this regard since that time. I not only photograph, but document the landscape and wildlife. I am certified to ring bird colonies with others of my ilk.

My younger European cousin has been a mentor. He started me in this endeavor.

Paul Veron author of Birding a Blue Planet.


Though partially disabled, I hike and join photographers in many workshops where I come into contact with literally hundreds of other wildlife photographers from around the world. I also know my limitations and do not set myself up as a great bird photographer, just one who does it almost every week I'm in condition to do so and enjoy it a lot. Whether this makes me somewhat credible in your eyes or the OP's view is not really relevant, is it? Everything here is personal opinion. My personal opinion is that there is no longer a reason to use a half frame DX camera on wildlife. Period. Other's may differ.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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Cheers, Craig
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I do disagree.  Snarky maybe but certainly, not pompous.  I would not be so bold to state that "most real bird shooters use FX"

I've seen D200 images that better most anything I've seen here, so it's not necessarily the camera.  Nice resume, you should be proud congrats!  Not being snarky. 

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