Ken Rockwell's review of the D7100

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Re: Why Ken Rockwell gets Denigrated.

Funny, I've been reading his articles for years for enjoyment and some of the little tips and essays he writes. He's definitely got a style. But I don't recall him EVER saying he's a professional photographer. He is an imagining engineer as far as I know. He's been around in digital imaging for a lot longer than many people here have even used a camera.

The main thrust of every review or preview he writes is how much the camera gets in the way. When you're taking pics of your family on outings you'll see he's actually write about a lot stuff. Do you carry a backpack of huge lenses around at Disney or Lego World or the Zoo? If you do, you're my hero. On second thought, maybe not. Ken's always had reasonable discussions on carrying less to enjoy more.

The other guys don't get bashed like KR because they satisfy the gearheads and pixel peepers.

I've spoken to him a bit online. His main focus is getting his hands on gear and enjoying the process of taking photos of his kids, family, surroundings and pretty well everything every other amateur photographer does. He's also a bit hyper.

As far as I know, he does not advertise his photography services as a professional. In fact on more than a few occasions he's talked about how stunted one can become creatively once one enters the pro photography arena, where creativity takes a back seat to a paycheque.  He has worked in the pro film and imaging world though.  Even his AES creds check out.

Guidenet wrote:

One of the problems with Ken Rockwell is that he seems to set himself up as a really knowledgeable professional photographer, of which he is not and never has been. When many read his reviews / previews or whatever, they are often so laced with misleading opinions as to sometimes being more than useless but harmless to new novice users.

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