New Sony NEX-C3 User, Few Questions

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New Sony NEX-C3 User, Few Questions


Note: yes I know, this posting is LONG. If it's too long, just skip this "overview" section (all I do is elaborate on my background & why I'm trying out the C3) and go directly to the "questions" part below.

Well I went for it. I've been a micro 4/3rds user (Olympus E-PM1, 14-42, vintage manual-focus Nikkor via a cheap adapter) and a Nikon D5100 user (18-105mm VR, 50mm 1.8 G) for the past year. Off & on, I've pondered Sony NEX due to the higher image quality of its sensor (I posted about it recently and a few months ago, but with my love of the Olympus JPEG treatment for out-of-camera ready JPEGs and the recent update to the PENs getting the OM-D/EM-5 16mp sensor, I intended to upgrade my E-PM1 to the E-PM2.

However, I'm a cheapskate, my large tax refund notwithstanding (I pulled in nearly $8000, I could easily buy an OM-D/EM-5 or NEX-7, or heck a Nikon D600 kit, if I wanted to go crazy), and I saw a mint-shape Sony NEX-C3 kit for only $330, some $170 cheaper than what the E-PM2 would go for (though it's been out since September, I've yet to see one show up discounted). Also, I'm a REAL cheapskate where it regards software (I have Photoshop CS from 2003!) and I remembered that with the new Olympus I'd also have to update my Lightroom 3.5 to LR4 for RAW compatibility, making the E-PM2 more like a $600 purchase vs $330 for the C3, yet the IQ of the NEX-C3 would match it or maybe even just slightly beat it.

Also I'm too cheap to get a 50mm 1.8 or such prime for portraits, I've used my 1980 manual-focus Nikkor 1.8 on my E-PM1, and the focus peaking feature interested me so as to help me nail manual focus better. (That said, I'd pondered getting the Olympus 45mm 1.8 or the Sigma 30mm 2.8 for my E-PM1 initially.)

Now, the questions.

(1) Are cheap 3rd party batteries readily available for the C3, or is Sony a pain in the anus like Panasonic with "smart" battery technology?

(2) I liked how my Olympus gave great out-of-camera JPEGs, some of my landscapes I just printed the unedited JPEG. What are good settings for JPEGs on the Sony to somewhat be the same way, even if it's not exactly like it?

(3) Speaking of which, I know about DRO somewhat, and that it only applies to the JPEGs. If I shoot in JPEG+RAW, would the JPEG have the DRO applied & the RAW not?

(4) I read this thread ( about Nikon lens adapters, but it didn't say much about what good adapters are. Again it's a 1980-era manual focus Nikkor 50mm 1.8 I'd be using, it has the aperture-ring on it.

(5) What settings do most of you use with regards to customization of the soft buttons? I would shoot almost 100% in aperture-priority mode and would want quick access to ISO and active AF point, and quick access to manual-focus settings when I used the old Nikkor. I'd also like quick access to image quality--with "casual" shots I shoot standard or normal JPEG, otherwise I'd shoot Fine-Large JPEG or RAW+JPEG.

(6) There are LR 3.5 lens profiles for correction of distortion with the 18-55mm, correct?

(7) How good is the Sigma 19 & 30 optically, and the Sony 50mm 1.8 OSS? I'd pondered the Sigma 19mm for less distortion with landscapes, and the Sony for portraits to have autofocus if I get tired of fussing with manual focus (plus it would have OSS).

I appreciate any help, and yes, I have downloaded the user's manual.

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