D600 with D7100 as Back up

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Re: D600 with D7100 as Back up


Very interesting perspective and comments. Let me just say that I have thought of the D800 since it had come out. That could have been my first choice for a first FX camera had it not been for the CF card storage - I don't like it due to size, and bent pins, price etc....then there is the 36Mp files. I am sure I could overcome these negatives but then why not just get another D600? Well, I am still new to my current D600 - its currently at Nikon in Wilshire, here in CA for a sensor clean up. I am not 100% happy with the AF on it yet (maybe just need more shooting time with it), one of the reason I would like to see the 7100 was the AF (D4 algorithm) and the 51 focus points etc...

I am also aware of the difference in optical perspective of the different lenses FX vs DX. Infact, I have several Pentax 645 (medium format) lenses that I use with the D600 using a non optical adapter - works quite well manually for Macro or portraits. By the way the 120mm 645 is actually 75mm in FX and 112.5mm in DX.

As far as IQ, DR of the D800 - I agree with you 100%, I would like to see some test on this from the 7100. As far as Noise, with the development of these new sensors, I have seen quiet a big improvement from one generation to the next - again, I will be looking at test of the 7100 sensor which in theory is a smaller version of the D800e, right? I guess we will see shortly.

Regarding the 3 Phases of Digital Photography -

1) The Capture. After 20+ years as an enthusiast I would be surprise if I am at 50% of where I can be , how to see and use light- lots more to learn in this area - and that is half the enjoyment of this craft.

2) Post Processing (it used to be Darkroom work) I would say I am less than 50% - Using CS5, Lightroom 4.3 + Topaz Suite....  Because of my Background as an electrical engineer - I think I get a lot of enjoyment on this phase than the other two. Again more learning in this area.

3) Printing - this used to be alot more fun and enthusiam for me when I did my best work in the Darkroom. There was a time when I could look at a B/W negative and tell you the right exposure time and f stop to use for the correct print. Nowadays, I send most of my commercial output in the lab. For most part the resukts are happy accidents? Well as close to what my monitor shows anyway. I think that I need to beef up more in this area and learn more in how to see art, like you said reflective art.

In the not too distant future, I intend to devote most of my efforts toward photography after my "working" days are over.

All of these are just preparations. The goal is 1-2 prints that can hang in a gallery per year!

Thanks for your insights.

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