VQ vs. IQ

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Re: VQ vs. IQ

Hello CP - A few questions.  What do you intend to do with the images you take?   Are you making your assesment of image VQ and IQ on jpeg quality found on the net?  I ask because I'm pretty much IQ driven and I generally have little regard for the quality found on the net.  VQ is another matter as excellent images can be found on most forums, that is, composition, colour and that elusive magic moment are certainly to be found with both the Leica and the Fuji.  I am principally driven by the print and to that end I have fine results to A2 with both my M9 and my Xpro 1 ,indeed, I have on my walls photos taken with Contax, Nikon, Canon and Fuji S2 all of which are credible prints.

On a practical note I find I am using the Xpro mostly these days, the auto focus being welcome at times especially in the longer focal lengths,  focusing the 90mm on the Leica is challenging.


jim partlo

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