D600 with D7100 as Back up

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Re: D600 with D7100 as Back up

Well, you would need to get another set of lenses because in order to get the same perspective and field of view of the FX camera, you will need to use a different lens on the DX camera because of the crop factor increase. If you are going to do this for a living, I suggest you look into a D800 as your primary camera and use the D600 as your backup or get another D600 as your backup.

One of the good things about the D800 is that it has an exposure lattitude of 14 stops at ISO100. That might save you from having to use HDR on the DX camera to equal the wide dynamic range of the D800. I also like the low noise of the FX sensor when compared to the DX sensor at the same ISO. I think that DXO made that pretty clear.

If you do decide to get the D800, please check the Technical Reference Manual, available from Nikonusa.com, as to the lenses that take advantage of the D800 body's 36MP sensor.

What you really need to do is to get one of the real sharp Nikon lenses, like the 105mm Micro, and learn to use it. It's really good for portrait use because it's so sharp. Learning to use Photoshop CS6 is also a good way to post process your images. You might want to invest in a monitor that will accurately display Adobe RGB images if you are going to print your images.

Remember, you need to master the three phases of photography:

1) taking the image (work your subject, images are cheap)

2) post processing (make it look like you envisioned it)

3) print the image (something to sell to the customer, this is where the rubber meets the road)

Many photographers don't print the image but if you think about it, we live in a reflective world. Everything you see with your eyes are reflective. When looking at an image on a monitor, you are looking at a transmissive image not a reflective image. The best way that you, as an artist, can produce your image is to print the image and mount it.

good luck,

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