Image stabilization; who has the best?

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Re: Image stabilization; who has the best?

Smartypants wrote:

No, no reason, I just wanted to better understand if one system is better that another.

I shoot Sony a850 with IBS and that great as I own older Minolta glass.

I'm thinking about moving to a Canon or Nikon and starting over with new glass and I've been looking at the current lenses by both vendors and thought I'd ask here.


That being the case, you should consider that with IBS, all your lenses are stabilized, whereas with Canon/Nikon, only certain lenses will be stabilized, and they will cost more and be heavier.  Some people claim in lens is better than in body, but I'm not convinced - I can get good results at 200mm (my longest lens) at 1/8s with my Pentax K-7.  Once you get much longer that you're probably better off using a tripod anyway, imo.

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