D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

Brandon birder wrote:

The D7100 write circuitry have almost doubled write speeds according to some of the blurb. Can now write at 95mb/s , so with a fast SD card the buffer may clear much more quickly. We will only know when someone tries it.

Yes, they doubled the theoretical write speed with fast cards, but they almost doubled the size of the image files so if it actually gets double the write speed (something that doesn't always happen in practice), then it should clear the buffer a little bit faster than the D7000. If all the numbers are right, it would clear the buffer about 33% faster: 2 * (16/24) = 1.3333.  As you say, we'll have to see how the actual camera performs.

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