FZ150 to FZ200 upgrade? But what about the 250?

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Re: FZ150 to FZ200 upgrade? But what about the 250?

Stephen McDonald wrote:

I'm expecting to see the so-called "1/1.7-inch" sensors on several brands of superzoom cameras this year. I think that Sony will be the first to do this and Panasonic may have a new model earlier than usual, so they won't miss the opportunity to compete for new customers. There's many who may have avoided the too-small sensors of the past, but could have more interest with this change.

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I dont see Panasonic doing this at all.They just chose to go a bit smaller sensor in the LX7, to get the faster glass....that size sensor would make the camera a bit bigger.Look at the FZ30/50, with only half the zoom range.They had a 1/1.7" sensor.

They are putting 18.3 MP on the small sensor, with TZ40/ZS30...and I think Sony just came out with a 50x zoom at 18 or 20MP...but again with smaller sensor.

I highly doubt it will happen this time around.They will probably be temted to extend the zoom range, and if so....it's small sensor , for sure.

These aren't my hopes or dreams, just the trend I see Panny going , for the next FZ.


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