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Re: Curiosity question..

Alistair McLaurin wrote:

Hi Raist3d,

To be clear, I love my EP3, with the Panasonic 20mm lens I find it a joy to use and it has taken many of my personal favorite photographs. It's still my main camera, I've just got back from Scotland where it was the only camera I took and again it was a joy to use.

However, I like carrying it around in a coat pocket and the Olympus 14 - 150 zoom which I use frequently rules that out. More importantly I also really like macro shots and when I set out shopping I was seriously thinking of buying the 60mm Olympus macro lens.

I changed my mind when I got to play with the MX-1. It shoots lovely macro shots and the wide depth of field works in its favor here, plus the ability to zoom on one of the two macro modes. The short zoom with wide aperture is also much harder to reproduce on the PEN, yes the Panasonic 12 - 35 f2.8 is lovely but it is quite large and over twice the price of the MX1.

So the MX1 seemed a great alternative to expanding my Micro four thirds lens collection. The short zoom is very useful, I miss that with the 20mm prime. The top shutter speed of 1/8000s plus built in ND filter may be very useful indeed, I hit the top shutter speed on the PEN with the 20mm at f2.0 quite frequently. The macro mode is really one of the key things I wanted and it works very well indeed. Plus, I really like in camera HDR, I shoot JPEGS and rarely do much in post processing, one of the reasons I like the PEN so much. While I'm disappointed the MX1 doesn't have the live art filters the PEN has almost live HDR is a fantastic addition.

Plus the MX-1 is almost identical in size and shape to the EP3 and 20mm, really surprisingly similar, while everyone has been commenting on the lens being Olympus like I'm surprised more reviewers haven't picked this up. As I've bought a couple of jackets with pockets to fit this combo this is a big bonus for me.

If I could only have one of the two it would be the PEN every time, but the MX1 adds a lot of useful features which might be difficult and expensive to reproduce with micro four thirds.

You are being extremely polite, but in all honesty, I'm left wondering why you should have to explain your gear choices to another posters?

The MX-1 is smaller than the EP3 with a zoom, and it's as simple as that.

Tons of people carry "enthusiast" compacts instead of their systems cameras or DSLRs for just the reasons you outlined above.

The EP3 with a zoom lens mounted is going to be significantly more bulky to carry, essentially requiring a small camera bag.  It's only going to begin to be pocketable (coat pocket) with one of the pancake prime or possibly the 14-42 Pancake zoom mounted. Something like the 20 1.7 on a small m43 body is a useful for street shooting but such a lens is not nearly as flexible for the wide angle or telephoto shots as MX-1.

Personally, I don't think people should have to explain their gear choices to others.  Tons of people like to carry an all-purpose high end compact like the MX-1 or X10.  Not sure what Raist3d is missing about why someone would rather carry a compact P&S over a systems camera or DSLR, but I've always owned at least one solid performing compact that shoots RAW (XZ-1, GRD III, X10, LX7) to use in situations where larger cameras aren't appropriate.  Besides, this is the Pentax Compact Camera Talk forum so obviously many here choose to use a compact Pentax camera over an MILC or DSLR.

For my money, the tiltable LCD, and the sharp, fast zoom are more than enough of a reason to prefer carrying the MX-1 over the EP3 for many types of outings.  YMMV.

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