IS vs USM - is it worth the money?

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Re: IS vs USM - is it worth the money?

This is absolutely true.  Especially in motorsports.  It doesn't just stop handshake from losing the focus point on the target you are tracking, but also stops handshake in general.  I've shot hundreds of photos at less than the reciprocal rule where handshake would have been a problem but subject motion was not (or I wanted a slow enough shutter to blur wheel motion dramatically).

AnthonyL wrote:

RobG67 wrote:

I don't know the Canon lenses and how they rate for quality/performance/value, but I can tell you that for fast action work, IS will be useless. You'll be needing to use a fast shutter speed anyway, and if you can't hold that still, you won't be helped by the IS. I do think you'll find that the body will be a bigger limit on how fast the system focuses than the lens will though.

I watched a video on Canon's focusing system a year or so ago and where AI Servo was in use there was a suggestion that IS helps in stopping handshake from losing the focus point. So it may not be useless for all action situations.

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