dpreview shows 5Dii as best IQ of the Canons they've reviewed.

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Re: 'Image quality' should be an issue for anyone who cares about their photography

Rick Knepper wrote:

Karaya wrote:

Timbukto wrote:

The performance graphs were always a flawed concept much like the SnapSort camera review engine. In truth the only things of value is the detailed subjective + objective analysis they do through prose. Unfortunately I think they are starting to suffer there as well as it seems apparent that most camera's are reaching a level where they are getting bored detailing out every minute difference to a small market of gearheads.

So at that point if most camera's are already good enough they might as well just do us all a favor and find us the cheapest price for each through Amazon marketplace.

I'm being tongue and cheek a bit, but I think there is some truth in what I've said.

There is much truth in what you said (wrote). I think it is fair to say that the image quality of all the DSLRs on the market now is so good that only pixel peepers and photographers with very special needs - like landscape shooters who want to print 20"x30" prints - really have to worry about how the image quality of on camera stacks up against another.

This is why I now own a Canon. I wanted a second system to complement my Olympus 4/3 gear. I looked at Nikon vs Canon objectively and got a 5D mKIII, even though all the reviews report the Nikon D800 as having better 'image quality'. I didn't really care. I liked the 85L lens better then the Nikon 85 G and I like the Canon AF system better.

There may be some truth to what Timbukto said above (I wouldn't know as I am not a consumer of camera reviews so I'll defer to his interpretation) but you took off on a completely illogical tangent. The crack about pix peeps and 20x30 prints would indicate you don't understand high MPs or resolution. You're just repeating ignorant statements made by others and hoping to fit in here on the Canon forum. I am going to tell you something you can take to the bank. Once Canon announces or releases a high MP camera that meets or exceeds the D800, you'll see attitudes change around here - like overnight. If it weren't for the pix peeps, you wouldn't own a very fine high resolution camera like the 5D3.

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Well, O.K. then. I guess I don't fit in on this forum. Liking Canon for their lens lineup and AF system, while agreeing that they made the rite decision not to chase Nikon off the road into the weeds in a megapixel race seems to be an unpopular opinion here. I guess I'll have to take my 5D MKIII and seek refuge on the island of forgotten toys, with Herme and Rudolf and the other misfits, and leave this forum to the people who know much more about photography then I do.

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