Image stabilization; who has the best?

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Re: Image stabilization; who has the best?

Allan Olesen wrote:

I don't know about you and EinsteinsGhost, but in my experience, there is almost always some kind of action when I use long focal lengths. Apart from the occasional moon shot, I can't remember using long focal lengths for still subjects.

Look up Lance B.'s gallery. He posts a lot in the Nikon SLR lens forum. He frequently shoots wildlife with a 500/4VR and takes advantage of both the lens's VR and animals' freakish abilities to sit still.

And if there is action, I need some rather high shutter speed anyway, no matter how good the image stabilization is. I pretty much agree that 2 stops of stabilization help is all I can utilize without getting motion blur from subject movement.

That depends on the focal length, of course. At 800mm (not unreasonable with teleconverters and/or a crop camera), you can still freeze some action even at 3 stops of stabilization (1/100").

So that leaves the short focal lengths. I sometimes shoot non-moving subjects at short focal lengths, but most of the time it is only slow-moving objects like living humans or leaves in trees. With a 2 stop improvement it should be possible to hand hold an APS-C camera at around 1/10 of a second at 28 mm focal length. If the shutter speed get slower than that, even a slow-moving subject will be blurred.

Dark interiors of rooms/churches/museums seems to be popular for short focal lengths and stabilization. Not something I shoot much of but I've seen enough pics like that to know that some people do a lot of it.

So yes, if you are taking photos of really non-moving subjects, you may be able to utilize more than 2 stops of stabilization improvement. But if you shoot action or slow-moving subjects, I doubt it.

On super-telephotos a large benefit of in-lens stabilization is helping with framing and AF. You aren't counting stops there but the better the stabilization works, the easier it is to use those lenses even for action.

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