Which is better, 24MP + AA @ FF or 24MP - AA @ DX?

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Re: Which is better, 24MP + AA @ FF or 24MP - AA @ DX?

Wellington100 wrote:

I am considering both the D7100 and the D600. Both are 24mp. My main interest is travel and landscape with 1 zoom lens (16-85 or 24-120 respectively).

Not using the AA filter on the D7100 is an interesting development. It makes me wonder why AA filters even exist on small sensors if the moire more or less disappears when pixel size shrinks.

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When introducing the new Perceptual MPix score DxO said that it "..confirms certain rules of thumb such as "a 12 MPix full-format camera is sharper than an 18 MPix APS"".

Don't think that skipping the AA-filter on APS-C is enough to make up for such a big difference, so my guess is that the D600 will have a higher resolution than D7100.

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