Image stabilization; who has the best?

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Re: Image stabilization; who has the best?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

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EinsteinsGhost wrote:

I didn't say it was useless. In fact, one of the images I posted was mentioned with use of 2-stops of stabilization. My point being overstated need and overhyping of number of stops needed to get it right.

Do you prefer to shoot at ISO 1600 or 3200 vs. 100? If not, then you could have used more stops of stabilization for some of your photos. Nothing was moving so shutter speed is a non-issue. You wouldn't have shot at those high ISOs on a tripod, right?

To prove something? Or to actually rely on EVERY other aspect of the tool at hand?

No, to get the best shot/image quality. If your camera offers four stops of stabilization, why not shoot at ISO 400 and take advantage of it (other than laziness or lack of confidence in the system)?

I prefer to shoot for the conditions, and definitely don't see a need to push limits on one thing when it can be spread across other areas. So, ISO 1600 worked with 2-stops of stabilization, instead of pushing for ISO 100 with 6-stops, holding 100mm (150mm equivalent) FL for 1/2s. May be if my cameras disappointed at anything but ISO 100, I would be pushing for help elsewhere.

Well, that'd be dumb to suggest trying to shot at ISO 100 when your camera clearly doesn't have that capability (6-stop stabilization that is). But ISO 400 should have been well within your reach.

Pushing ISO decreases image quality. Pushing stabilization does not.

And yes, I would likely use ISO 100, 1/2s and have the OS off with tripod because then I won't be pushing any limits.

Yes, the tripod solves a lot of problems. If you could get that sort of stable support in-body, wouldn't you use it much more frequently?

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