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Re: Something doesn't make sense - comparison

Franglais91 wrote:

I did a comparison with some other Nikon DSLR's, not just for ability to do a RAW burst but also for JPG. The D7100 does BETTER than the D7000 on a burst of JPG Fine:

Nikon D7100 = 33 shots

Nikon D7000 = 31 shots

Shooting 12-bit RAW lossless the D7000 wins:

Nikon D7100 = 7 shots

Nikon D7000 = 11 shots

This makes no sense to me. Checking up on other Nikon DSLR's the RAW/JPG results usually progress together:

Nikon D300S = 18/44

Nikon D600 = 22/57

Nikon D800 = 21/56

Either the D7100 results are wrong or there is something different about the camera.

The buffer in the D7100 can likely clear much faster than the one from the D7000.  You won't notice this with the smaller number of frame from RAW but could show up with JPEG.  Also, the number of JPEG shots is also impacted by how quickly the camera can create/process each JPEG file.  The D7100 has a much faster processor so less time is spent creating each one, hence you can create more JPEGs in a shorter period of time even though they are larger.

In summary the buffer was the limiting factor with RAW on the D7000 while the processor must have been the limiting factor with JPEG.  With the D7100 the buffer is now the bottleneck for both RAW and JPEG.

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