Pictures showing both Milch and RRS grips on DP-M camera

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Re: Pictures showing both Milch and RRS grips on DP-M camera

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Kodakki wrote:

Can't understand why nobody thinks of designing a grip holding a spare battery - the low number of actuations with only one battery in the Merrills being a notorious complain-

It seems like a good idea, especially with the copious space taken up by something like the RRS grip, and the fact that the grip hovers right over (in the case of RRS covering) a small port leading into the battery compartment...

The problem I can see though is that if leads are going into the battery compartment, you can't have a battery in there and the space taken by most grips is not a lot larger than a standard battery. So I'm not sure if you could really gain much extra time.

I read Kodakki's comment to mean only that room (compartment) could be built into grip to store extra battery(ies), not that they'd actually be wired into the camera.

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