D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: Room in Space....Most likely not so simple

ralittle2 wrote:

John Motts wrote:

I agree. I'd be amazed if a D400 is coming when you consider the extra focus points, dual cards etc of the 7100.

This is a replacement for both - there just isn't enough room for a D300 replacement.

John, you and others could very well be right, but "there just isn't room" based upon what?


1) There is a $900 dollar gap between the D600 & the D7100. I call that room.

2) The D7100 has a very small buffer. I think there is room for a camera with a large buffer.

3) The D7100's body is not in the same vein as the D300 or D700 in build quality.

4) User control. The 7100 doesn't have some of the functionality via buttons that a D400 would have.

5) 6 FPS leaves something to be desired for sports or birding.

None of this means that a D400 will ever come, but I'd say there is ample room for a D400 camera, especially if the Canon 7D MkII is introduced.

ralittle2....  you are essentially pointing out that there are many dimensions to the space in which a camera competes and that is what so many folks are missing. Different users ( with different sensitivities to price as well as different mass profit potential for the manufacturer) value these features in different ways. Price is just one dimension. To draw a line between products with close prices and say there is no room for another  model in between is to ignore the point that a discriminating consumer may not find much utility in one or both of the reference cams. You might as well merge non DSLRs into the space debate. So what if there already is another model exactly at the price as where the D300s successor might land from simply a cost of features approach? Apples and onions. The key is that experienced users have already segregated themselves on feature set deliverables and as you can see, some are  quite adamant about not giving up performance that has high utility for them.

As time goes on people do make compromises and settle for less, but more people are becoming sophisticated users. The great marketing effort to convert P&S users to DSLR photography has worked, but that newly won buyer base may be leaking away to DSLR alternatives creating a new challenge for the camera makers. On the other hand that buyer base must also be giving rise to a new cadre of sophisticated users who know what they want ..... and its more than megapix/ISO/DR/video all in one package.  There is room in price space for another vehicle but does the manufacturer want to launch given bigger battles to be fought.   Seems plausible there will be no D400 until Canon forces Nikon's hand.... but Nikon surely has something close to ready.

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