Do you wish digital photography was not invented?

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Re: Are you a luddite?

AllMankind wrote:

Really, what is your problem?

Digital photography is GREAT.

It has opened up so many possibilities...

I was born not too long ago, so I cannot be one. I can't deny a tiny bit that it is absolutely GREAT and has opened up so many possibilities etc etc. I probably wouldn't own a camera or be here if not for it.

My feeling/point is that in doing so, people (as in the majority of the masses) might have failed to appreciate (good) photography. It is not hard to think where a very skilled photo professional is showing one of his best photos and Mr.Foobar at the other end thinks "What is there in it? I can shoot something similar with my cell phone..."

Sure, who cares? Or why do I care? I don't.

Thanks for adding one more word (luddite) to my vocabulary.

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