noise performance of x-e1 and iso accuracy.

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Re: noise performance of x-e1 and iso accuracy.

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Well said. But the relevance of ISO to noise is there when doing long exposure photography, especially nightscapes and astrophotography.

Sure you can increase the exposure time and use lower ISO's to take a long exposure astrophotograph and this is often done by those who use their DSLRs this way. But for a night time lapse or a nightscape 30 seconds with a wide angle lens at F2.8 is your limit. Last generation cameras typically maxed out at ISO3200 before the noise was too great.

Now ISO6400 is useable on many cameras. These sensors are not only lower noise but higher in QE than the previous generation. So they are generating a higher signal from the same exposure and getting above the noise floor more quickly than before. So that is where this is a relevant measure.

Sure the noise is simply amplified by higher ISO but how much noise was there to amplify is the thing being reviewed here? High noise shows up quickly in higher ISO, low noise does not show up so quickly and adds to the performance in low light. Additionally some camera makers are using more and more sophisticated noise control routines in camera to reduce the noise. This is a somewhat workable approach as well but I think we would all prefer basic RAW performance rather than touched up jpeg processed performance.

Try using an older Canon 40D in a darkish room and look at the result at high ISO - yuck. Now take the same with an XE1 at ISO6400 and have a look - wow. Very nice.

So it is a relevant spec to take into consideration on a new camera. I especially rate cameras very much on high ISO noise performance.


Greg, since wildfield starscapes  is one of my interest, i would like to ask if you 're pleased in general with X-E1's results in this kind of photography.

Thank you in advance


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