Estimating depth of field

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Re: 2nd Test - Solving for DMC-LX7 DOF Indicator Reference COC Diameter

Detail Man wrote:

... The Hyperfocal Distance [ L^2 / (FC) ] involves the (actual) Focal Length - which is the Zoom Factor multiplied by the minimum wide-angle (actual) Focal Length. So I just substituted in the Zoom Factor (Z) - because that is all that the user knows when using the camera to shoot pics.

Yes, good point.

On a side thought, it may be possible to get to c by reading the H (hyperfocal distance) from the camera scale - read the left end of the yellow bar (H) when it starts to extend all the way on the right to inf. And then just use H = f^2/(Nc). Right?

I would not have a level of confidence in the accuracy of the DOF Indicator display to do that. And, as I found, it (the COC diameter) appears to be off by a factor of 2 or more (in order to err on the conservative side, with a smaller DOF and a larger valued Hyperfocal Distance).

Add to it the unknown factor of what scale the bar is in... probably some exponential scale.  Yeah it is purely a academic exercise

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