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Re: Market research driven mistake?

Dave Oddie wrote:

It took until the A77 (which s of course a top of the range aps-c camera) for features that were on even the A100 that got dropped from successor models to reappear.

Let us not forget that a77 is also missing a lot of features from its two 7 series predecessors: The KM 7D and the Sony a700.

Just from the top of my head:

  • Tethering is removed.
  • SSS button is removed.
  • Switch for switching between area AF and point AF is removed (was already removed in a700?)
  • Exposure compensation wheel is removed (was already removed in a700)
  • Flash exposure compensation wheel is removed (was already removed in a700)
  • Camera shake indicators in the viewfinder are removed.
  • Flash ready symbol in the viewfinder is removed? (Can't remember if I found a way to enable it. I use flash very rarely.)
  • 3 memory modes directly on program wheel are removed.

To me, the a77 is already a step too far in the direction of a marketing driven toy camera design.

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