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Re: 2nd Test - Solving for DMC-LX7 DOF Indicator Reference COC Diameter

Detail Man wrote:

Hmmm. The DOF indicated is harder to estimate. I went with 1.64 Feet (0.5 Meter) of DOF. I get a COC diameter of 2.016 Micron (not that different than the previous 2.424 Micron result).

Yes, that is what I thought, the DOF is very ambiguous from the displayed scale.


Anyway, since you yourself are not mathephobic, here are my formulas for estimating LX7 DOF and Hyperfocal Distance (based on the Zoom Factor reading that your camera display shows you): ...

What is the zoom factor? 6.9/4.7 in this case?  I thought the DOF formulas 2ssH/(HH-ss) and H=ff/(Nc) did not involve anything like that.


LX7 (units of Meters):

D(hf) = ( 3.500 / F ) x ( Z^(2) )

D(dof) ~ ( F / 1.750 ) x ( ( D / Z )^(2) )


Did you start from the 2ssH/(HH-ss) formula and plugin values (for s, f, c) to get to the above equation?

On a side thought, it may be possible to get to c by reading the H (hyperfocal distance) from the camera scale - read the left end of the yellow bar (H) when it starts to extend all the way on the right to inf.  And then just use H = f^2/(Nc).  Right?

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