Next lens for my K-30: macro 35mm or macro 50mm?

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Re: Next lens for my K-30: macro 35mm or macro 50mm?

liviutza wrote:

Now those are some very convincing samples - I was actually wondering on the way people look in close quarters with the 35mm and it seems like it can be pretty great. I am starting to get sold on it as well

A few more portraits with the DA35/2.8 to add to the case for it.

One note to make is that while I do have a 100mm macro it's very unlikely to carry the Canon and the Pentax on a daily basis so that would only come out if I knew serious macro subjects can come up. In that respect the 50mm is still a safer buy.

My warning earlier about close focus distance of the 35 is true but perhaps you're reading too much into it.  1:1 is tricky but pull back even 5mm - which gives you about 1:1.04 - and everything is fine.  On the other hand, I bought the 35 because the short tele of 50mm was too long for many shots.

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