Why do they still put PC Sockets on cameras

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Re: PC Sockets on cameras: careful what you wish for?

I think maybe we should be glad they do. While they are imperfect, they are universal. Without it, everything would be proprietory, and fractured. At least the pc socket can be kludged to work with tape or other means. Compare to cable release, where there is virtually no homogenuity any more. Even within brands. At one time a ubiquitous cable release was cheap enough to be duplicated in any kit, fit any camera, and bought at any drugstore. Now they are expensive upchain accessories. Surely manufacturers could have made small  'moving part' conectors internal to the bodies that acted like shutter buttons with initial part-press and then full-press. I know that attaching 'cable' release to my nikon d300 is an exersize in frustration to get locked on for me with non-minature fingers!

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