Understanding Image Stabilization in terms of stops

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Re: vs a lens with no stabilization

Draek wrote:


And the 1/f rule---or indeed the focal length at all---has little relevancy beyond that; the point is that if you can hold the lens steady for 1/200 without IS you should be able to hold it down to 1/50 with a 2-stop stabilization, but if you can only hold it for 1/500 (due to improper technique, advanced age, lack of military sniping training, who knows) then your best-case scenario for the stabilization system is 1/125 instead. Your own abilities provide this "anchor point" you're looking for.

Makes sense.

Let us say we have a 3 stop lens and I am a cripple capable of 1/500 (only!) and shooting at 200mm.  That means the "safe limit" is 1/64 (not 1/25).  On the other hand if I am a sniper capable of 1/40 and am at 200mm, would the the safe limit be 1/5 or 1/25?.  To me , it seems it should be 1/5 making the personal capability the "anchor point".

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