Which 50 do you like on FX and why?

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Re: Which 50 do you like on FX and why?

smallcams wrote:

I'm contemplating a Nikon FX camera and 50mm prime lens.

It's got to have AF so, as I understand it, that leaves 4 lenses currently available.

Irrespective of price (shouldn't be much), which one do you prefer as a primary camera lens?

FWIW, this lens would be on camera about 90% of the time. I tried a friends 50/1.8D and it was very quick to focus. He said it was the fastest to auto focus of all of the other Nikon 50's.

I'm in the same situation and have been searchin the internet for an answer.

Quick flickr search shows that the f1.4 Nikkors does remarkably better shallow-dof portraits which I like a lot. I'm concerned about the at-speed but I want shallow dof and that 1.4-look if there is such thing.

Can anyone post nice shallow-dof portraits taken with 1.8-lens?

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