cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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Re: cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

Ursula, rather than go thru the fuss of replacing the ink absorbing foam I have placed a plastic bottle cap in the central D-shaped  area. The cap is ~1/4 in  deep and collects the waste ink, one a week or so I lift the cap out with a tweezer and empty it into a wad of paper toweling, and then place it back. Been doing this for >2 yrs without any fuss or muss. I did buy a resetter for the maint tank and a spare tank so I would not be caught in a situation where Epson would decide that I could not print that day. I'm not happy with the way their counters count!

I have been using Inkjetcarts and Jon Cones refillable system.  I switched to the smaller 80 ml Cone carts because the larger 150+ ml carts were exhibiting banding when the ink level got quite low, otherwise they performed admirably. The inks of either vendor did not alter the quality of my B&W prints--the awards from my camera club competitions continued unabated. As stated in my previous posts these B&W prints brought back the smell of 'hypo' from my 1st pints 7 decades ago!

enjoy the 3880 especially with canvas!   irv weiner

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