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Re: Solved for LX7 DOF Indicator Reference COC Diameter

Detail Man wrote:

The LX7 sensor diagonal dimension is 8.418mm. The Crop Factor is 5.140. For an 8"x10" (12.81" diagonal) viewing-size at a 25cm viewing-distance with 20/20 visual acuity. The resultant COC diameter (using a 30 Micron diameter for Full Frame) would be 5.837 Microns.

Using an (only estimated) DOF indicator reading of 4 Feet, they are using a COC diameter of 5.229 Microns. That is pretty close to what it ought to be (in relation to the common standard parameters), and is also a bit larger than the size (linear dimensions, or the diagonal) of a 2x2 array of LX7 image-sensor photo-sites (the minimum COC diameter that can be used in DOF calculations).

Let me make some sense.  Is expected c=5.837 and Calculated (from the expeeiment) c=5.229?  That is quite close. So the objective was to know what parameters they have assumed and that would be "8"x10" (12.81" diagonal) viewing-size at a 25cm viewing-distance with 20/20 visual acuity.".  Correct?

The centering of the DOF reading does seem to be off, however. You report a Camera to Subject Distance of 6.25 Feet (which is pretty far to the right within the displayed DOF range). Perhaps the fact that your manual focusing might have been done more precisely has had some effect on that.

Subject distance 6.25 ft, isn't that within the 3.3 to 6.6 ft indicated on the display?

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