Understanding Image Stabilization in terms of stops

Started Feb 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: vs a lens with no stabilization

tkbslc wrote:

What it means is that it lets you shoot, at best, 3 stops slower shutter speed than you would be able to with a non-stabilized lens (or with it turned off). The general rule-of-thumb is the old 1/FL rule. So a 100mm lens would require 1/100 shutter speed to all but eliminate camera shake. If we added 3-stop IS, that would now be 1/13 or so.

Of course it can't help subject motion blur, only photographer shake. So it's not terribly useful for moving subjects.

I think that helps.  So is it correct to say IS stop advantage is purely based on the 1/FL rule. I.e if I shoot (with a 3 stop IS lens) at 100mm I am "covered" up to 1/13 (regardless of the lighting conditions).  A.k.a the "anchor/base point" I was looking for is 1/FL.

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