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Re: Another Cone Stamp tool Tutorial

The technique in the video looks like a "mutant" version of the "Frequency Separation" technique. I say mutant because it leaves out some critical steps, and adds a mysterious contrast adjustment. As Ralph discovered, it probably won't work in most cases.

The color and content layers will match or not match the original image depending on the amount of blur, high pass, and contrast adjustment you make. It may also be dependent on the original content, but I'm not sure.

The true frequency separation technique is well documented in many places, just Google it, or search Youtube.

I believe the technique was originated by a guy named Sean Baker in this famous thread on ModelMahem:
However, the problem being solved in the video is really just a simple case of dodging the shadows. There are many simplier and quicker ways to do that.

I'd offer a couple tips:

When cloning, use a 100% opacity brush and reduce the opacity of the layer if necessary. After the "sample" click, move the cursor and hit the "stamp" click multiple times. Each time you stamp in place, more detail will be added. Kind of like using a hard clone stamp brush, but better.

And, after cloning an area, you can go back over it with the healing brush. The healing brush will add texture. When used after the clone stamp has adjusted the luminosity, the healing brush adds texture only without affecting luminosity.

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