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Re: Big vs. Pretty Bokeh... Aperture vs. Apodization

verybiglebowski wrote:

I believe the key word here is "better". While apodization might increase and more importantly smooth OOF areas, this is not something that we can call better. Just different.

How bokeh enhance/detract from a particular image be very subjective, but clearly the majority of people generally favor smooth OOF areas. They certainly expect them. In fact, even many image processing algorithms written by people who ought to know better assume that OOF PSF are always Gaussian blurs. That said, technically perfect lens OOF PSF would be evenly-lit discs with sharp edges.

However, the way OOF are rendered is part of the lens character, and it can't be qualified.

Well, over the last few years I've characterized OOF PSF of over 125 lenses. There's no magic here. I've done this for computational photography processing. However, all of it could equally well be viewed as just helping an artist to know when to use which brush.

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